Our History

It all started with a blog and a dream …

Tamarack Idea Factory [TIF] is a mother/daughter creative arts mini-company. I say mini- because that’s what we are so far. This blog began in 2008 as a place to report on my findings on creativity (creative people, creative activities, creative kids, etc.) and to have a place to be creative myself – playing with words, visuals, and technology.

A “Hot-Dog Stand”

A few years go, the entrepreneurial bug hit me and ideas began to flow (for carwashes, laundromats, bakeries, etc.) however, when we approached a bank lender friend with some of our ideas, he told us that we would have to give a down payment to get the loan – and the downpayment was outrageous for a struggling family with young kids working through college. I began to think, “there has to be a way to start it on a smaller scale” and that was when in 2011, I started a small (now defunct) business (you can read about that venture of creativity and amazing lessons here – A Great Big Thank You). It was my own virtual American Dream “hot-dog stand,” a place to start.

The Girls Rescue The Dream

As the my daughters grew older, they wanted to learn more about my books and blogs, my failed attempts, and my dreams. And their own dreams began to fuel mine again as they started to work on books and projects for our little creative arts company.

Current Projects

Already live or in development, here’s what we’re up to:

  • Our current books for sale – TIF Books
  • Jillian’s Pop-Up Bracelet Shop
  • Video series (Teacher Helps, Family History Helps, Ruby Sings, )
  • Local bake sales (these girls and their friends can really bake – wish you were here!)
  • Book series (Sofia’s The Baker Street Kid’s Society)
  • Furniture up-cycle projects
Thank you

Thank you for your interest – and for your kind patronage in any form :

  • buying our products
  • following or subscribing to our social media platforms
  • commenting , liking, saving
  • word of mouth recommendations
  • donations to our cause (in time, talent, or monetary funds)

Our dream is to one day be able to publish and sponsor other creative people and projects. That dream will come alive with your help –

We are SO grateful for you!