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Creative Comedy

I have just found a new comedy sketch show called Studio C.  It is so funny, so creative, and wonderfully, I can watch it with my kids and not cringe in uncomfortable moments (you know the ones when you wish your kids didn’t just ask you, “Mommy, what does … mean?”).   It’s easy to just resort to toilet humor, and other distasteful items, but in order to have this kind of material, the writers and actors need some serious creative skills!  Now of course, some of the sketches aren’t funny (you can’t win them all) and sometimes they go for a silly punch line, but overall, I have been most impressed with their work.

So kudos to the writers, cast, and crew and the creativity and hard work that goes into producing great material.  Hope you enjoy one of my favorite sketches about a young college freshman and his roommates.  (I laughed so hard, I cried at the creepy, eerie, and wonderfully funny Spencer).