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Childhood Creativity Leads to Education

I mage courtesy of The Ehrhart Family via the Huffington post, and CNN.

I just read a series of reports on an eight-year-old, Stella Ehrhart,  from Omaha, Nebraska who dresses up for school everyday as a different historical female figure or other character.  According to several articles, she said that she wants to dress up as people that she wishes to emulate and has dressed as Grace Kelly, Rosa Parks, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Billie Holiday, just to name a few.   They say that she opens her book about Influential Women and then opens her closet and creatively finds a way to dress like that person.  The costumes aren’t necessarily expensive or over-the-top, she just finds simple ways to represent someone.  The teachers use it as a way to do some impromptu history teaching.

I am so impressed with her drive and creativity and the support shown from parents, teachers, and classmates.  When so many young girls today are unwittingly dressing up to emulate movie stars and pop icons what a commendable way to express creativity, especially in such a productive and educational way.  Bravo Stella!

Read more about her in these links:

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Halloween Costumes

Moms who make costumes for their kids are fantastic! We were at a Halloween fun run this morning, and a Mom had made Minion costumes for her children. Wow!


What costume ideas have you found?
Any favorite costume memories from childhood?

Also, just a note, the fun run was hosted by my sister and brother-in-law to help raise funds for an adoption. Visit them at their website here.

What a creative way to have a fundraiser!