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Picture Clock

A friend of mine created a clock on her living room wall. She used pictures for the numbers and bought the hands of a clock from a craft store. Wow! Creative Decorating.


(She hadn’t finished putting all of her own pictures in yet, so I’ll try to update it when it’s complete.)

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A View of the Great Beyond

This breathtaking picture is;

“The Orion Nebula, just 1,350 light-years from Earth, glows in shades of blue and violet in an image captured by the MPG/ESO 2.2-meter telescope at the European Southern Observatory’s La Silla facility in Chile. This view of the nebula, featured by the ESO on Jan. 19, offers astronomers a close-up view of a massive star-forming region in our celestial backyard. Infant stars are wrapped in the clouds of gas and dust.”

More amazing pictures can be found on NBC’s Month in Space  (January 2011) site.  Doesn’t it just make you want to leap outside yourself and touch something from the great beyond?  There is so much more to life than we can even fathom.  I believe the discovery of the infinite begins when we decide to take control of our lives and act rather than stay content to be acted upon.