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Moon Sand

Photo courtesy of Cali2Oke -

My daughter just got Moonsand for her birthday.  It was fun to play with and molded well.  In doing some research before she played with it, I found a recipe for homemade moonsand which seems like it would be really easy to make.  The ingredients are sand, cornstarch, and water.  I’ve played with cornstarch and water before and it’s a blast! (With cornstarch and water, you have to constantly work the cornstarch in your hands, once you stop, it will blob down into a liquid again).  So I imagine that the three together, with a little food coloring would be great.

I also read about some Mom’s using moonsand to make sand castles or using hot-wheels cars to do a motorcross track.  Sounds like a great snow/rainy-day activity or something fun if you don’t have a beach around.  It would be fun to put into a kid’s plastic swimming pool for a new adventure. 

I also read that some parents were having problems getting it out of carpets – so be forewarned, do it in a non-carpeted area. 

Any other ideas about sculpting, art, and creative play?